Queen's Park Rai Premium Tekirova
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Our aquapark will be built on 4000 mt2 area with the capacity of 350 Teenage/Kids
(14 sliders for different ages) and 1500 Adult (4 water coaster slider, 4 Bodyslider)

Excite your holiday with the most refreshing fun of summer. Experience all kinds of adrenaline with a total of 22 different water slides, 8 for adults and 14 for children.

Destination of Unlimited Entertainment

For Adults: 
This tower has 8 slides starting from four platforms of different heights. The slide heights are 18 metres.

1- Turbolance ( With Boots ): 222 metres long, extreme, single or double boat slide.
2- Space Boat ( With Boots ): 222 metres long, it is the longest slide of the park. Extreme is our slide used with single or double boats. Rotating slide with bowl design!
3- Rafting Slide & Flying Boats ( With Boots ):It is our slide used with single or double boats where you will feel the feeling of falling from an extra height at the drop point.
4- Black Hole Rafting ( With Boots ): 115 m long, standard boat slide design, with a drop added at the end to enrich the sliding experience.
5- Bodyslide: Our 104 m long and 15 m high slide is a boatless slide and is slid in the supine position.
6- Two-Lane Multislide: 55 metres long Two lane multi slide
7- Freefall: 44 metre long slide without a boat, where you will feel the adrenaline at its peak


Our aqua park, one of the biggest water parks in Kemer, offers children a holiday full of fun and adrenaline.

For Kids

There are a total of 14 slides, the highest of which is 7 metres high, in our aquapark, which will give children pleasant moments in the water. Our Underwater themed children's aquapark is a park where children will not be able to get enough of fun with Interactive Water Game Towers (aquatowers), which is the latest trend in children's animations today. Our track consisting of slides, fountains, buckets, water guns, waterfalls, spray toys and many more water fun or a combination of a few of them, will allow you to have a fun holiday with interactive water play groups that we bring together in the pools.